Value City Credit Card


One of the great sites for finding unique high quality furniture is Value City. This is the reason that when they instituted the Value City Credit Card that so many people made sure to cash in on the program to save even more on great furniture. Value City seems more for those who aren't afraid of having furniture orders where the furniture comes already assembled or the furniture is all one solid piece. There are many people who prefer that they will have to assemble their own furniture. Therefore they want the furniture to arrive in a box with instructions. Value City rarely seems to have items of that nature where they would be taking furniture apart or putting furniture together for you.

The biggest concern people have with furniture that arrives already assembled is the fear that it will arrive scratched and/or dented. That isn't the case from what many have attested to online. Also, many of them are very happy holders of the Value City Credit Card as well. It doesn't seem to matter that the furniture is already sold at a discount because people are jumping at the chance to have the greatest deal on their purchase. There are some blogs and sites online really questioning the Value City Credit Card as far as wondering if it is really created for the customers' best interest.

Of course, any credit card that exists isn't really set up for the benefit of the customer. That's something we all are likely to know by now. If it were totally all about the customer, there would be no interest, no fees, or anything involved with the card. The fact that they are waiting for an APR whether it be high or low lets us all know that they expect to make money from their card process. They way to make sure not to become victim of the Value City Credit Card APR is to simply make sure that all of your payments are on time and that your account is always in good standing. Most complaints made about the Value City Credit Card are due to the APR. People who have had issues with the APR have almost always been those who are missing payments or making their payments late.

For every person who could say something bad about the Value City Credit Card there are many others who are truly in love with their card and their savings. When a person finds that maybe there is something wrong with their purchase once it arrives, it's best that they refuse the delivery altogether than to accept something that isn't totally to their satisfaction. When people sign off on a delivery for any type of item bought online, they are saying that the item is acceptable and that the order has been received in full. If you are going to take a risk and receive only a partial order of your goods, at least also write a note about the missing pieces on the shipping document you sign. Notices of that kind are rarely overlooked as they become your weapon when someone pulls the file on your purchase in the future they will immediately see your notice. When it comes to the Value City Credit Card, it's a great benefit only if you know how to read your contract to know how to maximize your shopping experience.